Current (2012 - Present)

Freelance Web Design and Development

In 2009 a client bought out their Innova Apps contract (with employees) and I returned to working as a freelancer building web apps with as many new technologies as I have time to learn.

I've experienced new languages (Go, Pyton and Ruby), development stacks (LAMP, MEAN and Python) and frameworks (like Ruby on Rails, DJango and WordPress). Lately, I've been developing static sites generated by Jekyll and Hugo and using API services for functionality.

In 2013 I attended a Design class, improving my design skills. I learned how to design and develop responsive websites that render/fit on all devices. I continue to learn new application development skills while expanding on my design and programming skills.

2003 - 2012 Hello World (Wide Web)

Innova Apps, Inc.

In 2003, I founded my own company, Innova Apps Inc., to realize my dream of running a software development company which builds high quality easy-to-use web applications. The company started out as me freelancing. The first year was spent creating a methodology, framework and toolset to expedite development and attract clients. As the number of clients grew, new people were hired and trained to use the framework and tools. Bringing in talented developers helped the platform improve and grow with new ideas. Having a team provided an opportunity gain experience as a project leader.

Since starting my company I've maintained a goal of producing great work and having fun while doing it.

Experience with

1995 - 2003 The Client/Server Years

OAS Software

At OAS I was a lead developer responsible for programming and implementation of .NET Web and Windows based applications. This was a great 6 years for me as it was my first opportunity to move from mainframe/midrange systems and into client server development. This is where I started developing with true object-oriented languages like Visual Basic .NET and C#. At OAS I was able to have my first experience of workinmg directly with current and potential clients.

CNA Insurance

At CNA I worked on converting mainframe based data into UNIX platform databases, similar to what I was doing at IRI. We used a UNIX based conversion tool to generate all the necessary programs and procedures to process conversions. It was fun to work with a different language as I was now programming in C. I got to to know and love the vi editor during my time at CNA.

1990-1995 The Mainframe Years

Information Resources

While working for Information Resources, I developed applications that delivered market research data to manufacturing clients (Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble). The company was converting its systems environment from IBM mainframe to UNIX client server and I was part of the conversion team. This was my first opportunity to work on something other than mainframe development and it was invigorating.

Northern Trust Bank

Northern Trust was my first job out of college. It felt great to be out of school and working in the city. I was a COBOL/mainframe developer and member of a team responsible for maintaining an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) System. The system included COBOL CICS on-line and batch job processing. During this time I was on 24 hour support duty and carried a pager with me at all times. Pagers... those were the days. Sadly, Twitter was not available on pagers back then.

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